VueX is a retail platform that boosts customer engagement and conversion, by delivering highly relevant and personalized product recommendations. Powered by data and AI-driven decision-making, VueX uses customer, product, and contextual information to create unique journeys across touch-points and channels. Robust analytics and built-in A/B testing help gain valuable insights into customer journeys, and adapt personalization strategies to business needs.

Customer Journey

VueX enables you to create, optimize, and deliver personalized experiences to a variety of audiences across a broad array of digital channels. You can:

  • Craft customer journeys with personalized product recommendations
  • Compare journeys to gain insights into customer behavior and audience segments
  • Measure performance to understand the impact of recommendations to customer experience and business goals.

Components of a Journey

A/B Test

A/B tests enable splitting traffic between two or more customer journeys and understanding which version produces better results. In most A/B tests, marketers aim to optimize the click-through rate of a marked element on the page or a short-term goal that’s easy to measure.

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An intuitive analytics dashboard provides you with a high-level overview of your website performance and the impact of’s personalization campaigns. You can visualize data and performance across all customer journeys and identify the best-suited journey for your customers.

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Quick Start - Steps Involved